Introduction to the Conga Drum by Michael Spiro

Introduction to the Conga Drum by Michael Spiro

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Introduction to the Conga Drum Instructional DVD
by Michael Spiro

For beginners, or anyone needing a solid foundation in conga drum technique.

This will become the standard conga drum instructional DVD for years to come, because it is the first thorough and comprehensive DVD designed to help the beginning conga player get started playing the conga drum properly.

Two hours of world-class instruction by Grammy-nominated percussionist, author, recording artist and professor, MICHAEL SPIRO. Beautifully photographed from three different camera angles, and divided into easy-to-find chapters for convenient replay.

PART I - Easy to follow, step-by-step approach to learning all the basic strokes and sounds on the conga drum, regardless of the style of music you want to play.

PART II - Dozens of exercises to help you combine the basic strokes into patterns that are the staple of all conga drum playing.

PART III - Some basic Afro-Cuban rhythms are explained in detail, including the parts played by each conga drummer in an ensemble, how they relate to clave, and how to combine them if you are the only drummer in a group.

"Mike Spiro is a great conga teacher. People can learn the real conga technique from this DVD." — Jorge Alabe, Brazilian master percussionist

"Spiro is the consummate conga player." — Dave Garibaldi

"A great percussionist and educator." — Ignacio Berroa

"A great musician/teacher who's earned his stripes.” — John Santos

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